Saturday, February 21, 2009


As if He-Man and all the characters of the Masters of the Universe weren't wacky enough... There is also a little line called Fuerza-T. What is Fuerza-T? Why haven't you ever heard of it? Well, it's a knock off line that used the old molds of the original Masters figures, but repainted, and re-arranged into new characters. They were available somewhere in South America, if anyone has more info, feel free to leave comments and enlighten us all. Needless to say, this piece, was done for a very good and very patient friend of mine, he's waited a long time for this artwork that depicts the mighty Platino and the ferocious Felinor locked in mortal combat. Poses inspired by Earl Norem's work on Masters, so even this piece of artwork is a knockoff of sorts. Nonetheless, it was great fun to do, and I'm very happy to be done with it. Let me know what you think of these guys! Can you find what character parts from MotU made up these characters from Fuerza-T?

Friday, February 20, 2009

The United...

A good friend of mine, Mr. Tom Akel, asked me to do a little poster for him for his Heroverse comic team, "The United". If you want to find out more about Heroverse, just check out the site! (clicky the linkies)

Tom is a great guy, and has a lot of fantastic ideas on comics. This was a quickly put together, so please be gentle on the critiques... Bah! Give me heck on it, I needs me some growin. :)

I was for the most part just following the standard costume designs already established on the characters, but there were a few characters Tom let me play with in terms of their look. I was surprised at what he let me get away with! Thanks again Tom!

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, he was giving this out at New York Comic Con that was a few weekends ago as posters.